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Welcome to CatsCreation and HevenliSent's Owner's Page.Owners sharing stories and showing off favorite snapshots of their Doll Faced Persian Kittens and Cats.

Just email us your stories and photos to be posted on this site. We love to hear from you!

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 Adopted by Trixxe & happily residing in Medina, Ohiio. Aunna was born Reina & Pauly on 1.17.2010

I have a funny story for the purse pictures...I was packing and loading up my truck to go visit my mother for the weekend and i think aunna knew this. I went to get my luggage out of my bedroom and look what i found in my purse...I loved this.
I could set here all day and send pics... Just wanted to let you know how she is doing and to Thank you for giving such a wonderful...wonderful little angel.

Oh i also wanted to mention that when Aunna came here to live you told me about life abundance kitty food. Well i did get it to do a trial with all my cats. They all love the dry.... So switched all them to the Dry and they seem very healthy. I wanted to thank you for that tip. I took Aunna to the vet and she was weighed in at 5.2 lbs. She is such a piggy when she eats. I was so amazed on how fast she gained weight. She may be close to 6 lbs now..Not kidding. But she runs a lot and plays so i am not worried about it. She is very healthy.... Trixxe



Adopted by Laura and Charles, Delray Beach, Florida . Born to C.I. Cattery Arlasia and SilverEstate Joshua of CatsCreation on 10/17/2007

Persian Kitten in pink blanket
Doll Faced Persian Kitten in packing material
Doll Face persian Kitten with hat for Christmas
"Hi Linda! I just wanted you and Cherry to know that Arielle is the love of our lives!!!! We are so head over heals with her, and she is fitting in great with Fantasia!!!!
Here are a few pictures!!!!"
Persian Kitten upside down on rug
Kitten in christmas wreath
Cat and Kitten napping
Persian Kitten sleeping in brown basket

It was so nice talking with you yesterday!!! Here are some long over due pictures of Arielle. Every day is just a joy! Talk to you soon!
Laura and Charles

Cat and Persian Kitten in thier houses
Doll Faced Chinchilla Kitten in Pretzel jar
Chinchilla Silver Kitten in sink
kitten in cozy cat on floor
sleeping Persian Kitten with toys in cozy
Beautiful Persian Cat Chinchilla Silver pictured

Persian Kitten under covers with little pillow

"Hey Linda,

Here are some pictures of our sweet babie!!!!
Just to let you know, she is 5 lbs 2 oz. She is eating us out of house and home, but we love her."


Persian Cat and friend
Persian Cat with shoes Persian Cat on marble top table

Persian Cat in covers

Persian Cat napping dreaming

"It's good to be the Queen!"

"Hand me the remote please!"

Doll Faced Persian kitten in cozy on bed

Persian Cat with empty bowl


Persian Cat with laundry

"Time to do the laundry. "These are mine!"

Cat under cupboard

"Help! I've lost my favorite toy!"



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