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Canolli & Ruglah

Adopted by Bob & Carol, Canolli & Ruglah are joyfully residing in Coconut Creek, Florida. Born to SilverEstate Joshua and CatsCreation Leah on 11.4.07

Pictured at around 8 weeks, Posted 1.3.08

"We wanted to let you know that Ruglah & Canoli are doing great; eating, drinking, litter box and most of all playing and adjusting very well. They were a little shy the first day exploring their new home, but each day they are getting more adjusted. We are having a blast! Canoli cry's when she wants to be picked up, just like you said, and Ruglah needs a very soft approach he is still a little shy, but I am giving him a little extra time, and slowly he is letting us approach him and pick him up. I love them both, they are so cute. Bob has been shooting LOTS of pictures every day, so I am only going to send a few of them for now. Bob baby proofed the stairs so they cannot fall through the railing. The are running up and down the stairs, but we are watching them carefully. Thanks again for such beautiful kittens... Carol"


"Thought you might want to know how we came up with the names that we have been throwing around for 2 months
Carol is Italian and i am Jewish, Carol originally came up with Canolli for the girl and i then thought why not Ruglah for the boy.They are both pastries and now it is official. "Canolli & Ruglah" Thank you again for 2 amazingly beautiful ,healthy,happy beautiful, kittens.We are here as a reference any time you might need us.

"Linda, they get more and more beautiful by the week.We took them to the vet yesterday for there 12wk shots and they were a huge hit with the entire vet.They emptied out the back for the entire staff to see and flip out over.They are healthy and doing really well.Take care and will be in touch. Bob & Carol"



"The cats are doing great, loving every minute of them!"
Bob & Carol


"Hi Linda,
I don't know if Bob added any comments with the photos but I want you to know that these to kitties are the absolute best cats we have ever had. They are loving and affectionate. They have very different personalities. Cannoli, she is so inquisitive and curious, you have to get her out of mischief at times and Ruglah he is happy to just watch her antics and he is larger and just beautiful. Cannoli can jump onto anything at just about any height, but Ruggie (our nickname) doesn't jump any higher that the furniture to relax. Cannoli is smaller with really soft fur and she is probably the cuties little kitty you have ever seen and my Ruggie is truly a large male cat with big green eyes beautifully rimmed in black. We couldn't be happier with them, you are the only breeder I would purchase from. I have to tell you I have mentioned a few times to Bob that I would love another kitten from you, but maybe when they are a little older, they just love all the attention we give them. Each nite when I come home as soon as the car headlights hit the window by the front door they are both there waiting to greet me...I love it.
Thanks again for breeding such beautiful family pets.
PS....we have tons of pictures

Carol & Bob"


Snoopy & Daisy

Adopted by Susie and Michelle of Hallandale Beach, Fl
Birthday: 9/30/2009, Born to Sarai & Simeon

WE are so in love and can't thank you enough for these beautiful
babies. Happy Easter to you and your family.
-Susie and Michelle


Bella & Pauly's Kitten

Adopted by Roger & Geri and living in Bellevue, Nebraska.
Birthday: 3/28/2010



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