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“As anyone who has ever been around a cat for any length of time well knows cats have enormous patience with the limitations of the human kind.” - Cleveland Amory

Welcome to CatsCreation and HevenliSent's Owner's Page.Owners sharing stories and showing off favorite snapshots of their Doll Faced Persian Kittens and Cats.

Just email us your stories and photos to be posted on this site. We love to hear from you!

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Doll Faced Shaded Silver Persian

Pictured at around 3 months "Simply Friends" 


Adopted by Joe, Pesci is joyfully residing in Hollywood Florida. He was born to C.I. Cattery Maria and SilverEstate Joshua of CatsCreation on 4.18.07

Doll Faced Shaded Silver Persian

Pictured at 4 months "Playing Dead"

Pictured at around 5 months


"Hi there Linda and Tim- we are soooooo enjoying our new addition. However,Little Bit/Pesci is not so little anymore. As of yesterday, he now weighs 7 1/2 lbs. Obviously, he has a wonderful appetite and loves those yummy treats that Joe so often gives him. Hope you are all well, Diane"

"Thought that you might like to see how Dolce (on left) and Pesci/Little Bit
(on right) have grown. Aren't they both beautiful?
We are all spoiling and loving them very much!
Hope all is well, Joe and Diane"

"Hi Linda and Tim- here is a pix taken today of the three brothers, my daughter Diana's (Dolce)on right, friend Lynne Ullevich's Angel in the
middle, and ours, of course being held by Joe, Pesci (Little-Bit) on the
left. You'll be glad to hear that they are all very happy, healthy and of
course, beautiful!!!
Hope you are all well." Diane and Joe 7.20.08

"Tx linda. You will be happy to hear that he has a WONDEFUL life! Now that joe is officially declared “disabled” he is at home most always (and loves it). Therefore, pesci is usually being held in his loving arms.

Take care, diane and joe"

"Linda- after the groomer got ahold of me- this was supposed to be a trim!
Joe is in withdrawal!!!! Luv, pesci/little bit"
Linda, Pesci is 3 years old today. Thought you would like these pictures, Luv ya, Joe n Diane n Pesci
Thank you for giving us Pesci.
Linda,Thought this was typical pesci, always finding a new place to rest.Have a great day, Joe n Diane n Little Bit !

Linda, pesci's lazy days of summer!


Doll Faced Chinchilla Silver Persian

Doll Faced Chinchilla Silver Persian


Adopted by Diana, Dolce is happily residing in Miami, Florida. He was born to CatsCreation D'Lilah and SilverEstate Joshua of CatsCreation on 6/12/06

Pictured at 1 Year


"Here you see me celebrating my 1st birthday. Everyone at my owners office spoils me daily- and I love it"! Dolce



Adopted by Lynne, Angel is joyfully residing in Miami Beach, Florida. He was born to SilverEstate Joshua and CatsCreation Rahab on 12.27.05

Pictured at around 1 year and 10 months

"Linda, Angel is doing marvelous. He is the sweetest cat.
I had a pet photographer put a booklet together for me with several of Angel's pictures. It will be a coffee table book. If you get a chance go to this link and check out the beautiful pictures booklet of Angel. They use Angel in a lot of their marketing campaigns. They think he is the most beautiful cat.Best regards,...Lynne"


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