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“Way down deep, we're all motivated by the same urges. Cats have the courage to live by them. ” - Jim Davis

Welcome to CatsCreation and HevenliSent's Owner's Page, a place to share your stories and show off your favorite snapshots of your Doll Faced Persian Kittens and Cats.

We included free bragging rights with every kitten, so email us your stories and photos to be posted on this page. We love to hear from you!

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Princess Lilyanne Nicole & Liam

 Adopted by Karen and residing in Rocky Mount, NC. Princess Lilyanne Nicole was born to CatsCreation Zoe and Joshua. On 6/26/2010 Liam was born to Zoe and Rory.

Forgot to tell you she weighed in at 1.6lbs!!!! This baby has already
figured out the 1st & 2nd floors.. she runs for about 1 hour then
sleeps & up again. She has visitors coming tonight & tomoorow just to
see her...

She is precious.. all your babies are .. Lily sleeps with me and then mama spoils her until I get home... She is the sweetest thing must have sprinkled lots of sugar on her..

We LOVE HER also. Around 27 came to her drop in. The most at one time was @ 10. You would have been so proud of her. She played for everyone and showed them how loving she was. She was sitting up at one point and then her eyes closed at the same time her body started falling to one side. She caught herself before hitting the floor like wow I must have dosed off there for a minute. After her cat nap I held her until she was in deep sleep. Then everyone took turns holding her while she slept. Several made comments on how loving she was and everyone loves her little nose. She sleeps with me all night and then when I leave for work she follows mama everywhere. We live our baby and thank you sooo much again for her.

Mom and I held her most if the day yesterday while she slept... We
just could not put her down... She slept all night and woke up ready
to play. She ate her soft food, drank her water, went to litter box
and was ready to play again.You ought to see her run up the steps. If
she can't see one of us she meows, we call her name and she comes
running. She is asleep on my chest now. We went to see Dr. Hicks this
morning and he said all looked good.. He said he could tell you had great
babies which he knew was a full time job!!! Know that you
have made two women very happy up here in North Carolina :)
Love and Meows for you and Tim. I told mom your hubby played the laser
with them when he got home from work .. I am planning to continue his
Yes she does have lots of toys and that was her upstairs playroom....
There is one downstairs also. She is our precious baby girl. Wanted
to let you know what she is up to... Last night I was in den on laptop
and heard all this " rustling " noise, looked in corner and Princess
Lilyanne Nicole was up halfway in potted tree. Her eyes were wide open
and she frooze Like whoops... I remembered seeing a photo of one of the
adopted babies in the middle of a Christmas tree.!!! Then.... About an
hour later she came galloping thru again headed to the top this
time... After that she was exhausted and slept all night.... She is so
special to us..
Our baby is growing so fast and loves to play in everything. Hope all
is well with you.

I am loving my babies so much. They always entertain me!! .And you were right Liam loves his food.....He eats his then sometimes he tries to eat Lily's. I hope you received your birth announcement of baby Liam. I received my DVD today and it works perfectly.Thanks so much. Hope you and your family have a great Labor Day. We are having a cookout Sunday to introduce Liam to everyone... I plan to bathe and groom them tomorrow so they will be beautiful looking and smelling .......



 Adopted by Dana & Ken and residing in California. Nemo was born to CatsCreation Adeline and Simeon.


Hi Linda,

As promised I wanted to send an update on Dublin who was renamed to Nemo. He is our little everything. He is a dog trapped in a cat's body. His favorite thing is I zip him up into my jacket (picture below). He will stay there for hours sleeping as I go about my day and chores. When I come home he comes running to me and practically jumps in my arms, is on my lap at all times (on my lap as I type this email) and is very social with everyone (picture of him sleeping on my dad's lap). we often call him "Quality Control" because from the dishwasher to cleaning my bathroom, he is inspecting and "into" everything we do. He is growing so quickly, 3.2 pounds. Hope you had a great Christmas, and thank you for our best gift of 09

Love Dana and Ken

I absolutely love my little guy. He is an absolute character. We play hide and go seek, chase each other around the house. He is a mamma's boy through and through, and there isn't a time when I am sitting that he isn't in my lap.
thanks Dana

It is Dana from California. I wanted to shoot you a quick note. I took Moe to a specialty Feline Veternarian for his yearly, and she was so impressed by the "quality" of Moe. She stated that most of the Persians she sees have dental issues, weeping eyes, and breathing issues due to smashed in faces and other breed characteristics. She kept commenting that he had perfect features that shouldnt hinder his health as other Persians that she sees.
Thought you would like to hear that,
Dana in California aka Moe's Mom

Hi Linda,
The girls are both so sweet. Keiko has been playing,sleeping,grooming and eating with Chou-Chou. There was no adjustment necessary. They pounce and chase each other. I was afraid they were giving each other love bites, because Keiko is so much bigger, and I found her grooming Chou-Chou. They both slept in our bedroom and Chou-Chou came up near me on the bed a few times.
She is so gentle and cautious with every move she makes. She purrs whenever we touch her and is sweet at sugar. I didn't have much sleep last nite so I only got these few pictures today.
We love them both and they were worth waiting for.

Chou Chou

 Adopted by Jeff & Lynne and residing in Coral Springs, FL. Chou Chou was born to CatsCreation Adeline and Simeon.

Pictured with Keiko

Hi Linda,
Chou Chou had her surgery last Monday. I've been spoiling her with lots of extra attention and she loves every minute. Keiko just stays close by and has been so sweet and gentle. We are so blessed to have these special cats in our lives. Thanks again.

Hi Linda,
I looked at your website. It always gives me the warm fuzzies looking at all of your babies.


Hi Linda,
I just bought the DVD for cats to watch and you can see Chou-Chou and Keiko trying to get to the screen. They love it.
She is without a doubt the sweetest cat we have ever had. She sleeps on the pillow between us and does all kind of contortions to make herself as adorable as possible like nudging me with one of her paws, rolling over on her back so I can rub her belly, and angling her head upside down so I can kiss under her neck. She follows me like my shadow and adores her big sister. To this day they have never hissed or growled at each other. Only love and kisses.
Thanks for this little precious angel who along with her sister has changed our lives.


 Adopted by Nancy and residing in Englewood, FL. Lola was born to CatsCreation D'Lilah and Foggy River Googles of C.I. Cattery.

Pictured at about 9 weeks

New parent Nancy writes..."Linda, Attached please find some pictures of Lola who has already brought more joy than I ever dreamed possible. She is the sweetest kitten and has so much personality. You were right, she thinks she's a little lioness. I have to keep the camera in my pocket as she is constantly "posing". As I mentioned when we spoke, I have a home office and she keeps me company whenever I'm working; her favorite place to nap has been the recycle bin, but the day she dozed across the phone was the funniest. Thank you for breeding such a wonderful kitten. I'll send more pictures as she grows. Best of luck to you in your labor of love....Nancy Virgin"

Tiny Doll Faced Chinchilla Silver Persian


 Adopted by David & Happily residing in Greenville, NC. Cesar was born to C.I. Cattery Arlasia of C.I. Cattery and Foggy River Googles of C.I. Cattery on 6/14/07

Pictured at about 11 weeks

David writes..."Linda, Me and ceaser are doing well. Ceaser is a wonderful kitten. Words cant
describe him. Here are some of his pictures...David"



Doll Faced Chinchilla Silver Persian

Pictured at about 10 weeks


 Adopted by Brett, Christina, and Jakey. & pleasantly residing in Delray Beach, Florida. She was born to Cyrstal-Ice Yasmin and Foggy River Googles of C.I. Cattery on 6.21.07.




Adopted by Eloise, Jolie, which means "Beautiful" in French, is joyfully residing in Orange City, Florida. She was born to C.I. Cattery Maria and SilverEstate Joshua of CatsCreation on 9.12.07.


Pictured at around 10 weeks

Doll Faced Shaded Silver Persian



Adopted by Farihah, Sophie is happily residing in Woodside, New York. She was born to CatsCreation Leah and SilverEstate Joshua of CatsCreation on 6/18/07

Pictured at around 4 months


Doll Faced Shaded Silver Persian

Pround parent Farihah writes..."Hey Linda, These are some recent pictures of Sophie. She's doing very well as you can see her playing in the pics. Always conquering my pillow in the middle of the night by pushing me out of my pillow with her paws. She is very snobby and rightfully so, as she knows very well that she owns me and not the other way around! A beautiful baby!"


Doll Faced Chinchilla Silver Persian

Tiny Doll Faced Chinchilla Silver Persian


Adopted by Diane & Kris, Besita, which means "Little Kiss" is joyfully residing in Jacksonville, Florida. She was born to Ms. C.I. Cattery Kiera and Foggy River Googles of C.I. Cattery on 5.11.07.

Pictured at around 2.5 months

Doll Faced Chinchilla Silver Persian

Doll Faced Chinchilla Silver Persian


Doll Faced Chinchilla Silver Persian

Tiny Doll Faced Chinchilla Silver Persian

Diane and Kris write..."Our new kitten is a delight and we are enjoying her so. She weighed in at 1.3 lbs and has now gained a pound! she is active and full of fun! She is so healthy and adorable!  Her favorite place to sleep is in the napkin holder and I will get a shot of that as soon as I can. Thank you again for the beautiful cats!  We are all very happy!"

These babies were born 9.30.05 and 9.30.09 and are living in Sunny Isles, FL


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